Singlelady CS:GO 28.08.2022

Singlelady CS:GO

Простой HVH чит Singlelady для комфортной игры в КС ГО Вы можете бесплатно скачать.

Крайнее обновление:

— flowerflow renamed to singlelady.
— fixed for the latest version of the game.
— reworked resolver.
— improved prediction in airs.
— improved doubletap.
— improved the autopeek, as well as its color has been changed.
— improved esp preview in the menu.
— redesigned indicators: Keybinds, Spectators, Watermark.
— redesigned event & console logs.
— fixed a fakelags.
— fixed UI bugs.
— fixed a low fps on the community servers.
— fixed bug with event logs.
— changed the config load log.
— changed a clantag.
— removed strange color-pickers from colors tab.
Добавлен Doubletap Hitchance.
Добавлен Accuracy Boost.
Добавлен Recharge Time.
Изменена логика работы Double Tap.
Улучшен Resolver.
— updated resolver
— fixed crashy

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    а как установить?

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